Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vacation Ramblings...

I just got back from a wonderful vacation in Tennessee! What a beautiful state! I have been traveling there for the last several years. Why Tennessee you may ask? Well, I am originally from up North and living in Florida is definitely not the same! My favorite time of year is fall and I love the changing seasons. There isn't much change in Florida! Our change in season consists of warm to HOT. Though I must admit that when I am watching TV in the winter and there is one snowstorm after the other across the country, I am secretly glad I am here! :) Anyway, I was missing Fall, the chill in the air, pumpkins and gourds and of course the beautiful leaves and did some online searches and found a Pumpkin Festival in Franklin, Tennessee that looked fun, so I convinced my best friend Debbie to go check it out with me! There has been no turning back! We decided to go this April to see what Spring in Tennessee is like. While it is not as gorgeous as the breathtaking colors of fall, there are still many wonderful sights to behold.

While visiting the Franklin area, I searched for Country and Primitive shoppes in the area. I found a shoppe that is a must visit when you are there, Sugar Ridge Creations! The shoppe is nestled in the woods on a lovely country road not far from Spring Hill. Not only are the items in the shoppe great but the owner, Mary is friendly and welcoming and when you step into her shoppe you feel like you have been friends forever!
When we pulled up to her shoppe, we were greeted by some brand new baby bunnies that tentatively watched us as we got out of the car and quickly scurried under her porch....how fitting!
There is never a visit to her shoppe with out an awesome purchase! I bought a fabric primitive pear to place in some nook and cranny in my home. She is having a Plant Swap this weekend and plans to have more events throughout the year! Make it a point to visit Mary and her shoppe, you will not be disappointed!
You can check her blog out at: http://sugarridgecreations.com/blog/
I have to say, I left my heart in Tennessee. Each and every time I visit, it feels like I am coming home and when I leave, I leave a piece of my soul. Someday I will get back each and every piece of me because I will be calling it my home.....

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