Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fall and Holiday Crafting's been a while since I last posted, sometimes life gets so busy and before you know it time has flown by! Speaking of flying by, the holidays are almost here and crafters have been busy working on Fall, Halloween, Winter and Christmas designs for craft shows, festivals, websites and auction sites! I was planning on the Country Folk Art Show in Tampa in September, but was disappointed to see that the show was cancelled! I am not even sure is one of my favorite shows of the entire year and this was my first time planning on showing instead of buying!

Since fall is right around the corner, I started working on some scarecrows! Here they are waiting for their finishing touches!

This has been one of my best sellers and now I have given him a new look and I love it! Here is the finished scarecrow nodder with his new look!
Another item I created for the fall season this year is my Midnight Ride fixens, 2 generous cups of orange putka pods, 3 dough witches hats and 2 brooms which have been scented with Witches Brew a spicy and sweet treat for Halloween.

And of course we can't forget that Christmas and Winter are right around the of my best sellers for the winter season is my snowman lamp. I will be posting more Christmas and Winter items soon.

Stay tuned for the Grand Opening of The Country Primitive Shoppe website it will surely be a fun time!


  1. Hello young lady;) Love your blog! Those scarecrow nodders are too cute. I'm pleased to be a follower now. Carol

  2. I think those scarecrow faces could be sugar cookies. I'll have a bite right now!!

  3. Very cute scarecrows!! Love how you made it into a make-do!

  4. Wow Your Fall prims look Great! I signed up to follow to! Come on over and Follow us, we would love for you to!