Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome To My Blog

Hi, I am Dina, formerly of Crow Creek Primtives and now getting ready to open The Country Primitive Shoppe which will carry original desings from Crow Creek! I live in sunny Florida on a very beautiful river! I have two grown daughters, one very special daughter from my husband's first marriage and a collective 3 Grandchildren! My Grandson Logan and my Daughter Ashley live with me, so I am certain you will be hearing about him alot...he is almost two and makes me laugh on a daily basis!Life is good!

I have lots of random thoughts and ramblings that I will be sharing with you all soon! I will keep you all posted on how the site is coming along and share Grand Opening info! I plan to have plenty of giveaways!

Check out my etsy site for a preview of some of the items that I will carry on my site!

Thanks for stopping by....have to go bake a cake for the cake decorating class that I am taking with my daughter, but that's another story!

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