Saturday, May 8, 2010

My Saga Continues.... I set out to discover myself and finally organize all the craft stuff that I have collected over the years. I went to our local discount store and purchased plastic containers and drawers in order to conquer the mountains of stuff I have! I was focused! I had ambition and desire to get organized!
So where am I at on this journey now and what have I learned? Well, trying to organize a mess that has been created for so many years is an overwhelming task. I have learned that this undertaking was definitely paved with good intentions and as I have painfully realized that has been the basis of my life....a path paved with good intentions and little follow through with ideas, plans, projects in all aspects of my life. My mess is a product of a messy personality! Hasn't it been said that admission is half the battle? It has never really been difficult for me to point out my shortcomings....its the other half of the battle that I haven't won yet....correcting the things I know are wrong! Distraction and procastination are not conducive to good outcomes.
In my defense, I did organize a lot of my supplies and have been pleasantly surprised when I have needed something and I could go right to my plastic drawers and find it!! That has made me happy, but not more productive....another character flaw! lol But hey....I can laugh at myself, isnt that a good characteristic??
So dear friends, my plan is simple...I will take it one day at a time because that is all I can promise myself right now. I will not promise, but I want to blog more often! I am actually formulating a plan for my blog....a sort of schedule....a challenge to myself to stay on track with my crafting and my life.....
Stay tuned...


  1. Your story is my story!! LOL! I want to make it organized enough to have areas clear to work in. That's easier said than done. When I read your posts I feel a sisterhood...I'm not going to bang myself over the head anymore. I'm not Martha Stewart (one of her is enough & I want to stay married ♥) It's liberating in a way to tell ourselves we can make time to create, raise our families and maybe slowly sort through our crafting treasures. I'm glad you will be blogging more as you can. I enjoy reading your posts! My friend Vicky and I have decided that we are simply "bucket and basket" gals. That's where we fill those full of all the things we mean to get around to putting away.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. Thanks Dawn! After reading your comment I had to laugh because I was thinking....if Dawn and Vicky are bucket and basket gals, then I am a box and bag lady!!! lol ;)
    I am so glad you enjoyed the post and really will make an effort to blog more often!